InviGenius® PLUS

Item No.: 5011102000

InviGenius® PLUS


  1. Standardized sample preparation: Extraction of DNA and RNA from up to 12 samples in one run
  2. Walk-away procedure: Fully automated extraction of cfDNA, genomic DNA, total RNA & pathogen nucleic acids
  3. Reliable results: Advanced process safety and in-process control
  4. Proven performance with InviMag® magnetic-particle chemistry
InviGenius® PLUS

Product Details

The InviGenius® PLUS instrument is a powerful tool for fully automated walk-away DNA/RNA purification. Up to 12 samples can be processed in one run, making it an ideal choice for low to medium throughput. The instrument offers a range of features for efficient DNA/RNA purification including a deep-well plate for processing of large sample volumes, heating positions for efficient lysis and high recovery elution, barcoded labware for full traceability and a choice of elution tubes or plates for more flexibility.

The instrument also features a droplet catcher, UV light for decontamination and unidirectional LIMS connectivity for accurate sample tracking. Liquid handling is performed with an air displacement pipettor that uses filter tips to prevent cross-contamination. The InviGenius® PLUS ensures purification of high-quality nucleic acids for reliable downstream applications such as PCR and sequencing.

Sample volume 200 to 4000 µl (protocol-specific)
Capacity Up to 12 samples per run
Processing time 60 – 240 min (protocol-specific)
Magnetic rods 12 (plus bottom magnets)
Heating temperature Heat incubator, up to 95 °C
Computer Integrated PC
Operating system MS Windows
User interface Touch screen
Ports/drives USB, Ethernet, RS232 / 80 GB hard disc
Decontamination  UV irradiance
Dimensions  75.6 x 80 x 76.5 cm, approx. 76 kg
Type  Stand-alone tabletop instrument
Pipette tips  1100 µl conductive disposable filter tips 
Integrated barcode reader  2/5 Interleaved, Code 39, Code 128, Codabar (ratio >= 2.2:1) max. length of barcode: 20 digits, resolution down to 0.21 mm
 Air displacement pipettor  Up to 1000 µl volume range

barometric and capacitive liquid level detection
Pipetting precision Less than 2 % CV at 20 µl, less than 1 % CV at 100 µl

Ordering Details

Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
InviGenius® PLUS 100 reactions 5011102000
Sheaths 1000 pieces 5011100200 
Sheaths Bundle 10 x 48 pieces/rack 5011100300 
Conductive filter tips, 1100 µl (bundle)
10 x 96 pieces/rack 5011100400 
Waste tray/ IG (disposable)
25 pieces 5011100100 


  • Can the run files for the InviGenius® PLUS kits be modified?

    All extraction protocols for the InviGenius® PLUS are preset in readily available run files and are adjusted to sample amount and kit chemistry volumes. Special protocols can be created under certain conditions, please use our contact form to contact us.

  • After extraction magnetic beads are in the eluate, what is the cause and how to remove them?

    Magnetic beads in the eluate indicate a very high DNA concentration. The fragments of purified DNA can be very long. If the DNA fragments are highly concentrated, they can "wrap" around the beads, making them difficult to remove at the end of the purification process. This problem can be solved by a further centrifugation step after extraction. Subsequently, the samples can be transferred to a new tube, leaving the beads behind.

  • Which sample tubes and elution tubes can be used with the InviGenius® PLUS?

    Sample tubes dimensions: 75 mm x 13 mm (length x Ø), 100 mm x 13 mm (length x Ø), 100 mm x 16 mm (length x Ø)
    Elution tubes: For most of the kits an elution plate is used which is put to the eluate position of the instrument deck. However, for the InviMag® Free Circulating DNA Kit/ IG there is also a protocol for using 2 ml tubes, here Sarstedt 2 ml cap tubes with 10.8 mm (diameter) und 44 mm (length) are recommended.

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