InviMag® Blood RNA Exact Kit/ IG

Item No.: 2463320100

Invitek InviMag Kit


  1. Fully automated extraction of intracellular RNA from blood samples 
  2. Optimized for combined use with S-Monovette® RNA Exact (Sarstedt) sample collection
  3. Integrated system for collection, stabilization, and efficient and standardized automated extraction
Invitek InviMag Kit

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The InviMag® Blood RNA Exact Kit/ IG is for fully automated isolation and purification of RNA using magnetic beads technology on the InviGenius® PLUS instrument. The kit is optimized for human venous whole blood samples, collected, and stabilized with S-Monovette® RNA Exact tubes from Sarstedt. The kit can be used with fresh and frozen samples. The kit cannot be used with collection systems for blood collection and stabilization from other manufacturers.
The InviGenius® PLUS simplifies laboratory workflows providing a fully automated, walk-away sample purification. The instrument allows kit chemistry and samples to be tracked using barcodes. All protocols are available pre-programmed and are suitable for use with Invitek extraction kits. 


Downstream application Northern blotting or reverse transcription for PCR techniques and NGS
Target nucleic acid RNA
Starting material 9 ml containing 2.4 ml Blood in stabilization solution of the S-Monovette® RNA Exact (Sarstedt)
Yield 10 - 25 µg, depending on sample (storage and source)
Quality A260:A280 1.8 – 2.3 
Preparation time For 12 samples approx. 220 min
Elution Volume 200 µl
Technology Magnetic beads
Certification RUO



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25 MAY 2023


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25 MAY 2023

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InviMag® Blood RNA Exact Kit/ IG 8 x 12 purifications 2463320100


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