InviMag® FFPE DNA Kit/ IG

Item No.: 2432120100

Invitek InviMag Kit


  1. Fully automated extraction of DNA from FFPE samples 
  2. Efficient recovery of short and fragmented ready-to-use DNA
  3. Timesaving: No manual pretreatment like deparaffination or formalin removal required
  4. Reliable results: Fully automated and standardized sample processing 
Invitek InviMag Kit

Product Details

The InviMag® FFPE DNA Kit/IG enables efficient, fully automated purification of genomic DNA direct from single paraffin embedded tissue samples (1-5 FFPE slides) on the InviGenius® PLUS without any manual pretreatment. The InviGenius® PLUS simplifies laboratory workflows providing a fully automated, walk-away sample purification. The instrument allows kit chemistry and samples to be tracked using barcodes. All protocols are available pre-programmed and are suitable for use with Invitek extraction kits.

Downstream application Molecular biology techniques like PCR techniques, NGS, hybridization methods and methylation analysis
Target nucleic acid DNA
Starting material Up to 3 sections, each with a thickness of 10 µm and a surface area of up to 200 mm2 each,
1 section each with a thickness of 20 µm and a surface area of up to 200 mm2
Yield 2 – 200 ng, depending on sample storage and source
Quality Depending on sample 
Preparation time For 12 samples approx. 225 min incl. deparaffination 
Elution Volume 50 µl
Technology Magnetic beads
Certification RUO




03 MAY 2023

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Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
InviMag® FFPE DNA Kit/ IG 8 x 12 purifications 2432120100


  • Is the de-paraffinization step done manually?

    No, with the InviMag® FFPE DNA Kit/IG the whole extraction procedure is done completely on the InviGenius® PLUS instrument. The fully automated extraction procedure does not require any laborious manual pretreatment. The whole extraction procedure, including de-paraffinization, takes ~225 min for 12 samples.

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