InviMag® Free Circulating DNA Kit/ IG

Item No.: 2439320400

Invitek InviMag Kit


  1. Automated cfDNA extraction from a high sample volume of 4 ml 
  2. Efficient recovery of short and fragmented high quality cfDNA
  3. Fully automated extraction system - high reproducibility through standardized protocols
  4. CE-IVD certified, recommended for in vitro diagnostic use
Invitek InviMag Kit

Product Details

The InviMag® Free Circulating DNA Kit/ IG enables efficient, fully automated purification of cell-free circulating DNA (cfDNA) fragments from 4 ml of plasma samples on the InviGenius® PLUS instrument. During the purification process the sample is up concentrated to a final elution volume of 40 µl. 

The InviGenius® PLUS simplifies laboratory workflows providing a fully automated, walk-away sample purification. The instrument allows kit chemistry and samples to be tracked using barcodes. All protocols are available pre-programmed and are suitable for use with Invitek extraction kits.


Downstream application PCR techniques, NGS, hybridization methods and methylation analysis
Target nucleic acid Cell-free circulating DNA (cfDNA, ctDNA)
Starting material Up to 4000 µl serum or plasma (from blood stabilized in EDTA or citrate, but not heparin)
Yield 1 - 100 ng/ml plasma depending on sample (storage and source)
Quality Depending on sample type
Preparation time For 12 samples approx. 160 min (MT protocol), 190 min (AT protocol)
Elution Volume 40 µl
Technology Magnetic beads
Certification CE-IVD (in compliance with REGULATION (EU) 2017/746 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices)



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03 MAY 2023


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InviMag® Free Circulating DNA Kit/ IG 8 x 12 purifications 2439320400


  • Can cfDNA also be recovered from urine?

    The kit is intended to be used for serum/plasma samples. However, research experiments have shown that it is also possible to extract cfDNA from urine samples.

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