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InviGenius® PLUS

Walk-away DNA/RNA sample preparation

The InviGenius® PLUS is a true walk-away system for DNA/RNA extraction and purification from clinical samples – providing a reliable “Sample in – Eluate out” technology. The combination of well-established magnetic bead based InviMag® kits and state-of-the-art process automation allows for standardization and streamlining of laboratory workflows. Innovative functionality and optimized protocols for demanding samples and applications result in reliable performance and superior DNA and RNA quality for molecular diagnostics.


InviGenius PLUS instrument

Simplify your workflow

  • Walk-away procedure: Fully automated extraction of cfDNA, genomic DNA and total RNA
  • Reliable results: Advanced process safety and standardized sample preparation
  • Reduce your workload: Easy handling with only 10 min hands-on-time

oncology samples in tray
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Fully-automated isolation of samples in oncology applications

lab techs in ppe looking at samples
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Infectious diseases testing

Pathogen nucleic acid extraction in diagnostic testing

blood tubes with DNA
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DNA extraction from blood

Nucleic acid extraction from blood for genetic testing purposes