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Oncology applications

Automated DNA/RNA extraction

For the automated extraction of nucleic acids in oncology a variety of kits for cfDNA, FFPE and blood samples are available. cfDNA is a small fragment of DNA that is released into the bloodstream by cells undergoing apoptosis or necrosis. The detection and analysis of cfDNA and other biomolecules in the bloodstream can provide valuable information about the presence, stage, and progression of cancer. Our liquid biopsy solutions enable reliable and reproducible application of cell-free circulating DNA used in e.g. NGS detection systems.

InviGenius PLUS and hand with barcode scanner

Simplify your workflow

  • Walk-away procedure: Fully automated extraction of cfDNA, genomic DNA and total RNA
  • Reliable results: Efficient and selective recovery of short and fragmented DNA
  • Reduce your workload: Easy handling with only 10 min hands-on-time

Kits for oncology applications

Starting material Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
Liquid biopsy, plasma or serum cfDNA InviMag® Free Circulating DNA Kit/IG (CE-IVD)
For use on the InviGenius® PLUS
FFPE (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded) samples DNA  InviMag® FFPE DNA Kit/IG
For use on the InviGenius® PLUS
RNA Exact (SARSTEDT) stabilized whole blood RNA  InviMag® Blood RNA Exact Kit/IG
For use on the InviGenius® PLUS

blood tubes with DNA
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DNA extraction from blood

Nucleic acid extraction from blood for genetic testing purposes

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Infectious diseases testing

Pathogen nucleic acid extraction in diagnostic testing

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InviGenius® PLUS

Fully automated sample extraction of various samples in diagnostic testing