InviSorb® Spin Food Kit

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Invitek InviSorb Kit


  1. High yields and purity: up to 50 μg DNA, efficient removal of PCR inhibitors
  2. Purification from complex matrices with e.g. high fat content or degraded DNA
  3. For various food and feed matrices such as processed or unprocessed food containing meat, leaves, roots, fruits or seeds
Invitek InviSorb Kit

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The InviSorb® Spin Food Kit offers a quick and effortless method for extracting high-quality DNA from food and feed samples. With its streamlined extraction process, this kit delivers reliable results, making it the perfect choice for any laboratory handling food samples. The InviSorb® Spin Food Kit is particularly suitable for the purification of difficult food matrices and is ideal for e.g. fatty foods, highly processed ready meals with a high proportion of degraded DNA or spices. If needed, more than 200 mg of sample can be processed by linear upscaling of the lysis components. The additional reagents required for upscaling can be purchased separately with the InviSorb® Spin Food Kit Add-On Kit (see Ordering details below).


Downstream application PCR techniques, NGS and hybridization methods
Target nucleic acid DNA
Starting material up to 200 mg food sample
Yield up to 50 µg (depending on sample type and volume)
Quality A260: A280 1.6 – 2.2
Preparation time 20 min (without lysis)
Elution Volume 30 – 200 µl
Technology Spin column
Certification RUO



Instructions for use - InviSorb Spin Food Kit

21 MAR 2024

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Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
InviSorb® Spin Food Kit 50 preparations
InviSorb® Spin Food Kit Add-On 120 ml 1036020200


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