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Pathogen PCR detection

The InviScreen® Pathogen Detection Kits

Detecting microorganisms in complex food matrices is crucial for food quality and consumer safety. Quick results are especially vital for perishable food items like fresh meat, fish, dairy products, and vegetables. InviScreen® kits for foodborne pathogen detection follow ISO standards and use real-time PCR methods for specific microorganism detection in food and feed matrices.

InviScreen PCR product box

DNA/RNA extraction from foodborne pathogens

The Invitek Extraction Kits provide a convenient way to extract nucleic acids from pathogenic organisms in food and feed samples with high reproducibility. The kits allow for the extraction of viral DNA/RNA and bacterial DNA from a variety of sample materials.

InviSorb kit box in lab

Simplify your workflow

  • Modular system for the end-to-end workflow from sample to result
  • Robust detection of target DNA /RNA with both high sensitivity and specificity
  • ISO-compliant workflows for validated matrices
  • Compatible with open platform thermocyclers
  • User-friendly PCR reaction setup in just 2 pipetting steps

Products for extraction and detection

Starting material  Extraction kit Detection kit
Food & Feed

InviPrep® Fast Lysis Buffer

InviSorb® Spin Food Kit

InviScreen® Clostridium Botulinum Detection Kit

InviScreen® STEC Detection Kit
InviScreen® STEC Serotyping Kit
InviScreen® O157:H7 Detection Kit

RTP® Pathogen Kit

InviSorb® Spin Universal Kit

InviScreen® Norovirus Detection Kit

InviScreen® Hepatitis A Virus Detection Kit

Allergens on table display
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Allergen detection

Detect specific allergens in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits or InviRapid® kits

cell and tissue analysis
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DNA/RNA isolation from cells & tissue

Purify DNA/RNA from a variety of starting materials

lab table with seeds in beakers
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GMO detection

Detect GMOs in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits