MSB® Spin PCRapace

Item No.: 1020220300 & 1020220400

Invitek InviSorb Kit


  1. Timesaving: pure PCR products in 7 minutes
  2. Fewer centrifugation steps: 2-step bind-and-elute protocol
  3. Flexible use: clean-up of PCR and enzymatic reactions, suitable for the up concentration of samples, using a minimal elution volume of 10 μl
  4. High recovery: 95% recovery for fragment sizes of
    80 bp – 30 kb
Invitek InviSorb Kit

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With a processing time of about 7 minutes, the MSB® Spin PCRapace is one of the fastest systems for clean-up of PCR products from dNTPs, primers, enzymes, dyes, additives, and salts. The kit is also a powerful and efficient tool for the up concentration of PCR products. The clean-up procedure requires only two simple steps: binding of the DNA to a membrane, which is achieved at low, nucleic acid-sparing, salt concentrations, and the elution of the DNA fragments immediately after binding.


Downstream application Sequencing, cloning, ligation, restriction enzymes digestion, PCR
Target nucleic acid DNA
Starting material up to 100 µl reaction volume:

  • PCR reaction mixture
  • restriction digestion mixture
  • ligation mixture
  • cDNA synthesis mixture
  • cycle sequencing reaction mixture
Recovery 80 – 95 %, depends on fragment length
Size range Fragment sizes of 80 bp – 30 kb can be purified
Preparation time approx. 7 min
Elution Volume 10 - 50 µl
Technology Spin column
Certification RUO



Instructions for use - MSB Spin PCRapace

03 MAY 2023

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Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
MSB® Spin PCRapace 250 purifications 1020220300
MSB® Spin PCRapace 500 purifications 1020220400


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