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Genetic testing


Sample collection & extraction from oral samples

For the various applications in the field of genetic testing, Invitek Diagnostics offers a modular product system for sample collection and extraction. Sample collectors for saliva and oral swabs in combination with optimized sample extraction kits are ideal for applications in e.g. pharmacogenomics or diagnostic and predictive testing. The use of saliva and swabs offers many advantages compared to blood collection, since it is non-invasive and samples can be stabilized at room temperature for long periods of time through the use of stabilization buffers. Thus, sample collection, storage and transport are cost effective and ideal for downstream analysis providing high DNA yields.

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technician holding sample of blood

DNA extraction from blood

While saliva and swab samples have several advantages over blood in genetic testing, blood samples remain an important source of genomic DNA for certain types of tests where accuracy and quality are paramount, or when other biomarkers need to be analyzed. For human blood samples, the InviSorb® and InviMag® kits are the perfect tools for easy and reliable DNA extraction. With the automated kits you can simplify and speed up your workflows with just a few simple steps.

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