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GMO PCR detection

InviScreen® GMO real-time PCR detection

Labelling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is mandatory in the European Union to ensure the conscious consumer choice between GM and non-GM products. The InviScreen® GMO Detection kits provide a real-time PCR method for the general screening of GMOs in food/feed by detecting the most frequently used extrinsic gene sequences such as 35S, NOS and FMV. All InviScreen® GMO detection Kits include an endogenous plant gene detection set to ascertain the quality of the DNA extraction and the presence of PCR inhibitors. The primers and target sequences used are according to the validated methods of the European Commission.

tomato fruit variety

InviSorb® DNA extraction

The InviSorb® extraction kits offer a fast and easy way to isolate high-quality DNA from different food matrices such as processed or unprocessed food.

InviSorb kit box in lab

Simplify your workflow

  • Modular system for the end-to-end workflow from sample to result
  • Compatible extraction system for a wide variety of samples, e.g. highly processed food, preservatives, colorants etc.
  • No false-negative results: IAC included in every reaction
  • Robust detection of target allergens with both high sensitivity and specificity
  • Standardized PCR protocol for all allergen detection kits
  • User-friendly PCR reaction setup in just 2 pipetting steps


Products for extraction and detection


Starting material Extraction Kit Detection kit

Food & Feed, Surface Swabs

InviSorb® Spin Food Kit

InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit  

InviScreen® GMO Detection Kit (35S/NOS/FMV)
InviScreen® CaMV Detection Kit
InviScreen® GMO Detection Kit (35S/NOS/FMV/pat/bar)

Allergens on table display
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Allergen detection

Detect specific allergens in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits or InviRapid® kits

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Animal health

Identify pathogens in animals using InviScreen® PCR kits

petri dish
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Foodborne pathogen detection

Detect pathogens in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits