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Allergen detection

InviScreen PCR product box

Allergen PCR detection

The InviScreen® Allergen Detection is a premium quality molecular biology tool to provide the general laboratory and research personnel an easy and ready-to-use kit for the detection of specific allergen species in food and feed samples. For DNA purification prior to testing, the Invisorb® extraction kits offer efficient protocols for various starting materials. Benefit from our real-time PCR detection technology and get accurate and reliable results.

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InviRapif product box

Allergen rapid test strips

The InviRapid® lateral flow test strips provide a fast and easy detection of diverse allergens within just a few minutes. These assays are suitable for on-site analysis, and do not require any laboratory equipment. They are user-friendly, even for inexperienced personnel, and can be applied in all stages of the food production process - from testing raw materials to finished good samples, and as part of the surface cleaning validation.

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ELISA test

Allergen ELISA assays

The InviLisa® ELISA kits detect various food allergens in matrices such as food products, rinse waters and swabs, in a 60-minute sandwich assay. Each kit contains efficient extraction reagents for a precise and sensitive immunoassay. Results ensure accurate quantification of allergens, which is essential for quality control and regulatory compliance.

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