InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit

Item No.: 1037100300

Invitek InviSorb Kit


  1. More intact DNA: no DNA degradation by using a gentle, low-salt (non-chaotropic) buffer system
  2. High yields and purity: up to 50 μg DNA, efficient removal of polysaccharides and other secondary metabolites
  3. For various plant materials: leaves, roots, fruits, flowers, wood, oily seeds
Invitek InviSorb Kit

Product Details

The InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit provides a fast and simple way to isolate high-quality DNA from plant species and tissue types. In addition, the kit can be used for the isolation of DNA from food and feed products of plant origin. The kit uses a prefiltration spin column, a unique filtration and homogenization column that efficiently removes cell debris and improves sample handling. This optimized procedure produces reliable results, making it an ideal solution for any laboratory working with plant DNA.


Downstream application PCR, RFLP analysis, Restriction Enzyme Digestion, Sequencing, Cloning, Southern Blotting
Target nucleic acid DNA
Starting material up to 100 mg of plant material
up to 60 mg of dried plant material

Yield up to 50 µg, depends on amount and kind of starting material
Quality A260: A280 1.6 – 2.0
Preparation time 20 min (without lysis)
Elution Volume 50 – 200 µl
Technology Spin column
Certification RUO



IFU_InviSorb Spin Plant Mini Kit

07 APR 2024

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Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit   50 purifications 1037100200
InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit 250 purifications 1037100300


  • The eluate contains RNA, what can be done to get rid of it?

    The InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit co-purifies RNA to a certain extent. If it is necessary to eliminate the RNA, perform RNase A treatment as described in the IFU. Make sure, sample lysis is performed for 30 minutes at 65°C as described in the protocol, otherwise Proteinase S in the lysis mix still might be active and destroy RNase A. To inactivate Proteinase S, the lysis mix can be incubated at 80°C for some minutes.

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