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Allergen lateral flow assays

InviRapid® lateral flow assays

The InviRapid® lateral flow assays provide a fast and on-site detection of a variety of food allergens within just a few minutes in a variety of food matrices, rinse waters and surface swabs. The qualitative results are interpreted visually by using specific antibodies labeled with colloidal gold. The test kits provide all needed reagents and consumables for on-site testing such as test strips, sampling tubes and devices, extraction buffer, and additional accessories. The InviRapid® test strips can be easily implemented as part of an allergen sanitation and management plan within a HACCP program across all food businesses.

Lateral flow tests have numerous advantages

  • Fast results
  • Suitable for on-site analysis
  • Highly specific
  • Validated
  • No laboratory equipment needed
  • No hazardous substances contained
  • Easy to use, even by inexperienced personnel


Products for detection


Starting material Detection Kit
Food & Feed Surface Swabs InviRapid® Casein Allergen Ag Test
InviRapid® Shellfish Allergen Ag Test 
InviRapid® Gluten Allergen Ag Test
InviRapid® Egg Allergen Ag Test
InviRapid® Fish Allergen Ag Test
InviRapid® Soya Allergen Ag Test 
InviRapid® Almond Allergen Ag Test
InviRapid® Peanut Allergen Ag Test
InviRapid® Sesame Allergen Ag Test

Allergens on table display
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