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DNA extraction from blood

InviSorb® and InviMag® blood isolation kits

The InviSorb® and InviMag® DNA Blood Kits are designed for rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA from human whole blood, with different isolation systems available as required. The Invisorb® Kit is a spin-filter system, whereas the InviMag® Kits use magnetic beads and are available for automated workstations. These kits provide high-purity DNA suitable for sensitive downstream applications. 

Woman with blood sample tube

Simplify your workflow

  • Highly pure, ready-to-use genomic DNA  
  • Standardized processing ensures reproducible results
  • Cross-contamination-free processes 
  • CE-IVD certified, recommended for in vitro diagnostic use

Kits for blood DNA extraction

Starting material Extraction kit
Whole blood and buffy coat InviSorb® Spin Blood Mini Kit (CE-IVD)
InviMag® Blood DNA Mini Kit/IG (CE-IVD)
For use on the InviGenius® PLUS

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