InviPrep® Fast Lysis Buffer

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  1. Ultra-fast DNA extraction in less than 20 min
  2. PCR-ready extracts in just a few handling steps
  3. Inhibitor-free DNA extracts
  4. Economic: less plastic waste and lower costs, storage at RT
InviPrep outer pouch

Product Details

The InviPrep® Fast Lysis Buffer provides a fast and efficient solution for DNA isolation from Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria as well as range of different fungi (yeast and mold). It simplifies the extraction process, requiring minimal handling and delivering excellent results. DNA can be isolated from bacteria and fungi in culture broth (e.g., pre-enriched food samples) or culture plate samples. In a few simple steps, the InviPrep® Fast Lysis Buffer rapidly lyses bacteria and fungi and removes potential inhibitors from the eluate. This ensures high-quality purified DNA ready for downstream molecular biology applications such as PCR or LAMP analysis.

Downstream application PCR techniques (real-time PCR, LAMP), sequencing, cloning
Target nucleic acid DNA
Starting material
  • Up to 2 ml liquid culture (e.g., pre-enriched food samples)
  • Colonies from culture plates

Yield Depending on sample type
Quality Depending on sample type
Preparation time ~ 20 min for 24 samples
Elution Volume 50 µl
Technology Fast Lysis Buffer
Certification RUO



Instructions for use - InviPrep Fast Lysis Buffer

07 MAR 2024


Flyer - InviPrep Fast Lysis Buffer

29 MAY 2024

Ordering Details

Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
InviPrep® Fast Lysis Buffer 20 ml/bottle (for 100 preparations)


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