InviLisa® Milk ELISA Kit

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Invitek InviRapid Kit


  1. High sensitivity & specificity with low LOD and LOQ
  2. Fast 60-minute (20:20:20) sandwich assay format
  3. Reliable quantitation in fresh and processed food products, as well as rinse waters and environmental samples
  4. Validated according to the AOAC guidelines for food allergens
Invitek InviRapid Kit

Product Details

The InviLisa® Milk ELISA Kit is designed for quantitation of low levels of Casein and/or Beta-Lactoglobulin (β-LG) in various food and beverage matrices, including baked goods, beverages, cereals/cereal products, confectionery, meat products, and wine, as well as environmental swabs. This assay utilizes polyclonal antibodies to specifically target bovine Casein & β-LG, as markers for the presence of milk/milk proteins. The 96 well kit includes four milk standards and has a quantitation range of ~0.5 – 10 mg milk protein/kg.


Detection limit (LOD) 0.1 mg/kg
Quantitation range 0.5 - 10 mg/kg (foods)
≥ 65 ng/swab
Casein and β-Lactoglobulin
Sheep milk at a level of <0.93%
Goat milk at a level of 1.99%
Sample type
Raw materials, processed foods, surface swabs
Sample size 0.5 g
Sample preparation
Grind, chop, blend, heat, centrifuge
Time required Extraction: 40 min
ELISA: 20+20+20 min
Total time: 120 min (10 samples)



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13 MAY 2024


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23 MAY 2024

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