InviScreen® Lupin DNA Detection Kit

Item No.: 6012016200

Invitek InviScreen Kit


  1. Highly specific and sensible detection of lupin allergen
  2. Standardized protocol with other allergen DNA detection kits
  3. Compatible with open platform qPCR thermocyclers 
  4. User-friendly PCR reaction setup in just 2 pipetting steps
Invitek InviScreen Kit

Product Details

The InviScreen® Lupin DNA Detection Kit provides a real-time PCR method for the qualitative detection of lupin (Lupinus albus) DNA in food, feed, and surface swabs. The kit allows simultaneous amplification of the allergenic target species and an internal amplification control (IAC) to exclude false negative results due to PCR inhibition. The real-time PCR method can be performed in commonly available PCR instruments with FAM and VIC/HEX fluorescence channels. Under optimal conditions, the kit provides highly sensitive detection of at least 100 mg allergenic substance/kg food sample.


Sample preparation For DNA extraction the use of InviSorb® Spin Food Kit or InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit are recommended
LOD (Detection Limit) 100 ppm
Specificity Lupin (Lupinus albus)
No. of tests 100
Technology qPCR / Real-Time PCR
Instrument compatibility Applied Biosystems™ 7500, Agilent AriaMx™, Bio Rad CFX96 Touch™ and CFX96 Touch™ Deep Well
Dyes Channel Target: FAM, Channel IAC: HEX
Certification RUO



Instructions for use - InviScreen Lupin DNA Detection Kit

26 JUL 2023

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InviScreen® Lupin DNA Detection Kit 100 reactions 6012016200

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