RTP® Pathogen Kit

Item No.: 1040500200 & 1040500300

Hand holding the Extraction Tube


  1. Pre-filled Extraction Tubes: freeze-dried lysis buffer allows one-step sample lysis
  2. Save hands-on time and plastic: less centrifugation and pipetting steps due to one-step lysis 
  3. Multipurpose kit: simultaneous isolation of viral DNA/RNA and bacterial DNA
  4. CE-IVD certified, recommended for in vitro diagnostic use
Hand holding the Extraction Tube

Product Details

The RTP® Pathogen Kit contains pre-filled Extraction Tubes with freeze-dried buffer containing all components needed for sample lysis (lysis buffer, carrier RNA, proteinase K). The Extraction Tubes are very robust and can be simply stored at room temperature. The kit is designed for the isolation of bacterial DNA, viral DNA and RNA from a variety of starting materials in clinical diagnostics. Simply add your sample and save up to 40 % time compared to conventional manual extraction protocols. 


Downstream application Molecular biology techniques like qPCR, cDNA synthesis, microarray, Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP)
Target nucleic acid Viral DNA & RNA, bacterial DNA
Starting material
  • Serum, plasma, other cell-free body liquids, urine, swabs (dry, stabilized), supernatant from stool suspensions, cultivated bacteria, tracheal secrete, BAL, sputum, cell culture supernatant
  • Up to 10 mg tissue sample
Yield Depending on sample (storage and source)
Quality Depending on sample type, target nucleic acids
Preparation time 20 min (without lysis)
Elution Volume 60 µl
Technology Spin column
Certification CE-IVD (in compliance with REGULATION (EU) 2017/746 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices)



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RTP Pathogen Kit Whitepaper

11 APR 2024

Ordering Details

Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
RTP® Pathogen Kit 50 purifications 1040500200
RTP® Pathogen Kit  250 purifications 1040500300


  • What is the advantage of the RTP® Pathogen Kit?

    This kit has a unique buffer that is lyophilized in the extraction tube. The lyophilized buffer contains: Lysis Buffer HLT, Carrier RNA and Proteinase K, allowing a 1-step lysis of the sample saving 60% of pipetting steps compared to conventional kits.

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