InviMag® Universal Kit/ KF96

Item No.: 7450300200 & 7450300250

Invitek InviMag Kit


  1. One kit for all diagnostic targets: isolation of viral DNA/RNA, bacterial DNA & genomic DNA
  2. Flexible use: suitable for most clinically relevant starting materials 
  3. High throughput: automated processing of up to 96 samples in one run 
  4. CE-IVD certified, recommended for in vitro diagnostic use
Invitek InviMag Kit

Product Details

The InviMag® Universal Kit/ KF96 allows the convenient and automated purification of genomic, bacterial, viral DNA and viral RNA using magnetic beads on the KingFisher™ Flex instrument. Kit protocols are optimized for a variety of clinical samples. The kit is designed for high sample throughput in a 96-well format, up to 200 µl sample volume can be processed.

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Downstream application Molecular biology techniques like qPCR, NGS, hybridization methods and HLA typing
Target nucleic acid Viral DNA & RNA, bacterial DNA, genomic DNA
Starting material up to 200 µl:
  • Serum, plasma, other cell-free body liquids, urine
  • Swabs (dry, stabilized)
  • Fresh or frozen blood (EDTA / citrate stabilized, but not heparinized)
  • Supernatant from stool suspensions
  • Cultivated bacteria
  • Tracheal secrete, BAL, sputum
  • Cell culture supernatant
  • Yield Depending on sample (storage and source)
    Whole blood: 3-6 µg for a leukocyte count of 3 x 106 to 1 x 107 cells/ml
    Quality Genomic DNA from Blood: A260:A280 1.8 – 2.1
    Other sample types: depending on sample type, target nucleic acids
    Preparation time 40 - 60 min, depending on sample type (incl. lysis)
    Elution Volume 100 µl
    Technology Magnetic beads
    Certification CE-IVD (in compliance with REGULATION (EU) 2017/746 on in vitro diagnostic medical devices)



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    07 APR 2024


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    Ordering Details

    Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
    InviMag® Universal Kit/ KF96 5 x 96 purifications 7450300200
    InviMag® Universal Kit/ KF96 w/o plastic
    (without the KingFisher™ plastics)
    5 x 96 purifications 7450300250


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