InviMag® Stool DNA Kit/ KF96

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Invitek InviMag Kit


  1. Flexible sample management: Kit can be combined with stabilized samples or fresh/frozen stool samples 
  2. Isolation of bacterial DNA and host DNA
  3. High purity of DNA: removal of all PCR inhibitors using InviAdsorb tubes
  4. Automated sample purification on the KingFisher Flex 
Invitek InviMag Kit

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The InviMag® Stool DNA Kit/ KF96 allows the convenient and automated purification of genomic and microbial DNA using magnetic beads on the KingFisher Flex instrument. The kit can be used for the extraction of stabilized samples or fresh/frozen stool samples. For comprehensive sample management – sampling, stabilization, transport and storage – the extraction kit can be combined with the Stool Collection Tubes with DNA Stabilizer.

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Downstream application 16S rRNA Microbiome profiling, Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing, qPCR and arrays
Target nucleic acid Bacterial DNA, genomic host DNA
Starting material Fresh or frozen stool samples: max. 200 mg
Stabilized stool samples (Stool Collection Tubes with DNA Stabilizer): 1.4 ml
Yield Up to 50 µg, depending on sample (storage and source)
Quality A260: A280 1.6 – 1.8
Preparation time about 20 -25 min after lysis
Elution Volume 150 µl (minimal volume 75 µl)
Technology Magnetic beads
Certification RUO



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15 AUG 2023


Gut microbiome sample management

20 NOV 2023


Infographic - Stool Sample Collection

30 JAN 2024

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InviMag® Stool DNA Kit/ KF96 5 x 96 purifications 7438300200


  • How does DNA need to be stored after extraction?

    For 2-6 months genomic DNA can be stored at +2 to +8°C. For long term storage keep genomic DNA at -15 to - 25°C or -70°C to -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles as this may cause shearing of the DNA.

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