InviSorb® Spin Soil DNA Kit

Item No.: 1039100200 & 1039100300

Invitek InviSorb Kit


  1. High purity of DNA: Removal of all PCR inhibitors using InviAdsorb tubes
  2. For various starting materials: soil samples such as sandy soil, clay etc., degraded plant materials, compost
  3. Flexible application: DNA extraction from bacteria and fungi
Invitek InviSorb Kit

Product Details

The InviSorb® Spin Soil DNA Kit offers a fast and easy way to isolate high quality microbial DNA from various soil samples. The kit has a one-step process to remove inhibitors such as humic acid using the InviAdsorb matrix. This optimized process provides reliable results, making it an ideal solution for any laboratory working with soil samples.


Downstream application PCR, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Sequencing, Cloning, Southern Blotting
Target nucleic acid DNA
Starting material max. 200 mg soil sample
Yield Up to 10 µg, (depending on sample material)
Quality A260: A280 1.4 – 1.8
Preparation time approx. 45 min (incl. lysis)
Elution Volume 50 – 100 µl
Technology Spin column
Certification RUO



Instructions for use - InviSorb Spin Soil DNA Kit

07 APR 2024


Application Note InviSorb Spin Soil DNA Kit

26 SEP 2023

Ordering Details

Product Name Package Size Catalogue No.
InviSorb® Spin Soil DNA Kit 50 purifications 1039100200
InviSorb® Spin Soil DNA Kit 250 purifications 1039100300


  • How does DNA need to be stored after extraction?

    For 2-6 months genomic DNA can be stored at +2 to +8°C. For long term storage keep genomic DNA at -15 to - 25°C or -70°C to -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles as this may cause shearing of the DNA.

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