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Allergen ELISA Kits

InviLisa® ELISA Kits

The InviLisa® ELISA kits provide a comprehensive solution for the quantification of food allergens from a variety of sources, including different food products, rinse water and environmental swab samples. All kits use a streamlined 60-minute sandwich immunoassay format that optimizes efficiency without compromising accuracy. In this method, allergenic proteins are captured between two layers of specific antibodies, forming a sandwich-like structure. This dual-antibody approach provides exceptional sensitivity, enabling precise quantification of allergen residues in the sample. The result is a reliable assessment that meets stringent quality control and compliance requirements.


Food Allergens

Simplify your workflow

  • Efficient 60-minute ELISA protocol (sandwich assay)
  • Specific and highly sensitive detection of allergenic proteins
  • Reliable quantitation for quality control
  • Well-established method for allergen identification
  • Detachable strip format (8x12)

ELISA kits


Starting material Detection Kit
Rinse water
Surface swabs
InviLisa® Egg ELISA Kit
InviLisa® Gluten ELISA Kit
InviLisa® Milk ELISA Kit
InviLisa® Casein ELISA Kit
InviLisa® β-Lactoglobulin ELISA Kit
InviLisa® Soya ELISA Kit

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Allergen detection

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