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DNA/RNA extraction from plants

DNA extraction

The InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit provides a fast and simple way to isolate high-quality DNA from a variety of plant species and tissue types including food and feed products.


For high sample throughput, the InviMag® Plant DNA Mini Kit/ KF96 enables fast and cost-effective DNA purification from plant samples using magnetic beads on the KingFisher™ Flex instrument.


Plants in lab

RNA extraction

Our plant RNA kit is designed for the isolation of high-quality RNA from various plant tissues. It uses a unique column-based purification technology that provides high yields of pure RNA, suitable for use in gene expression analysis and other downstream applications. The genomic DNA is removed without an enzymatic digestion step.


Plant sampling

Simplify your workflow

  • More intact DNA: no DNA degradation by using a gentle, low-salt buffer system
  • Pure RNA without DNase digestion - selective genomic DNA removal during lysis step
  • High purity: DNA or RNA free of polysaccharides and other secondary metabolites
  • For various plant materials: leaves, roots, fruits, flowers, wood, oily seeds

DNA/RNA isolation kits for plant materials

Starting material Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
Plant material, cells
DNA InviSorb® Spin Plant Mini Kit
DNA  InviMag® Plant DNA Mini Kit/ KF96
RNA  InviTrap® Spin Plant RNA Mini Kit

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DNA fragment purification

Purify DNA fragments from PCR reaction mixtures in just 7 minutes

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Allergen detection

Detect specific allergens in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits or InviRapid® kits

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GMO detection

Detect GMOs in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits