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Nucleic acid isolation from food samples

Versatile DNA extraction

The InviSorb® Spin Food Kit provides a quick and easy method for extracting high-quality DNA from food and feed samples. With its streamlined purification process, this kit delivers reliable results, making it the perfect choice for any laboratory handling a big variety of food samples.


Food Allergens

DNA/RNA extraction from foodborne pathogens

The InviPrep® Fast Lysis Buffer offers a time-saving yet reliable method for purifying bacterial and fungal cultures. DNA can be prepared PCR-ready in less than 20 minutes.


The Invitek Extraction Kits provide a convenient way to extract nucleic acids from pathogenic organisms in food and feed samples with high reproducibility. The kits allow for the extraction of viral DNA/RNA and bacterial DNA from a variety of sample materials.


raw meat

Simplify your workflow

  • High yields and purity: up to 50 μg DNA, efficient removal of PCR inhibitors
  • Purification from complex matrices with e.g., high fat content or degraded DNA
  • For various food and feed matrices such as processed or unprocessed food containing meat, leaves, roots, fruits or seeds

DNA/RNA isolation kits for food samples

Starting material Extraction Kit
Food & feed samples of plant and animal origin InviSorb® Spin Food Kit
InviSorb® Spin Food Kit-Add On 
Bacterial and fungal cultures
InviPrep® Fast Lysis Buffer
Viral pathogens in food samples
RTP®  Pathogen Kit
InviSorb®  Spin Universal Kit

Allergens on table display
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Allergen detection

Detect specific allergens in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits or InviRapid® kits

lab table with seeds in beakers
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GMO detection

Detect GMOs in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits

petri dish
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Foodborne pathogen detection

Detect pathogens in food and feed samples using InviScreen® PCR kits