Gut microbiome

Stool sample collection

The Stool Collection Tubes with DNA Stabilizer are a versatile tool for gut microbiome analysis, microbiome associated disease research and nutrigenomics. It is designed for user-friendly stool sample collection and stabilization using a liquid stabilization buffer. After collection samples can be stored at room temperature without any cooling for up to three months. The product serves as an alternative to fast freezing of samples at -20°C/-80°C, α-diversity of bacteria is maintained in the DNA Stabilizer. 


Stool Collection Tube

DNA extraction from stool samples

Stool is a complex sample type that contains a variety of potential inhibitors. To remove inhibitors, our extraction kits use the unique InviAdsorb matrix. Substances such as humic acid, phytochemicals and other digestive products bind to the matrix and are effectively removed. Sample extraction can be done from stabilized or fresh/frozen stool specimen.


For high sample throughput, the InviMag® Stool DNA Kit/ KF96 enables fast and cost-effective DNA purification using magnetic beads on the KingFisher™ Flex instrument.


InviSorb product box in lab

Simplify your workflow

  • User-friendly stool sample collection with integrated spoon for sampling
  • Stabilization of DNA for 3 months at RT and preservation of microorganism titer
  • No costs associated with temperature-controlled shipping
  • α – diversity of bacteria equivalent to direct freezing of samples
  • Suitable for 16S rRNA Microbiome profiling, Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing, qPCR and arrays

Kits for gut microbiome applications

Starting material Sample collection/sample lysis Extraction Kit 
Stool samples Stool Collection Tubes with DNA Stabilizer PSP® Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit (CE-IVD)
Stool DNA Stabilizer
InviMag® Stool DNA Kit/KF96 

soil sample
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