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Oral microbiome

Saliva sample collection

The SalivaGene Collector is a valuable tool for oral microbiome studies, offering a simplified and efficient method of collecting and stabilizing saliva samples. It utilizes a freeze-dried stabilization buffer that can preserve DNA for up to 12 months at room temperature, eliminating the need for immediate refrigeration or freezing. The SalivaGene Collector is designed to be user-friendly and convenient, making saliva collection and stabilization a seamless process.  


SalivaGene Collector

DNA extraction from saliva samples

DNA extraction from saliva samples is a critical step in the workflow of oral microbiome studies. The quality and quantity of the extracted DNA can impact the downstream analysis, such as PCR and sequencing. To ensure high-quality DNA extraction, it is important to use optimized protocols, appropriate reagents, and validated equipment.


InviSorb product box in lab

Simplify your workflow

  • User-friendly saliva sample collection 
  • Stabilization of DNA for 12 months at RT and preservation of microorganism titer
  • No costs associated with temperature-controlled shipping
  • Isolation of DNA from microorganisms or from the host organism
  • Suitable for 16S rRNA Microbiome profiling, Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing, qPCR and arrays

Kits for oral microbiome applications

Starting material Sample collection Extraction kit 
Saliva samples Saliva samples SalivaGene Collector (CE-IVD) PSP® SalivaGene DNA Kit (CE-IVD)

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Gut microbiome

Sample collection, preservation and extraction of stool samples

soil sample
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Environmental microbiome

Purification of soil and plant samples for microbiome analysis

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DNA/RNA extraction from pathogens

Isolation of nucleic acids from pathogens